Murotall Qur’an

1. Syaikh Abdullah bin ‘Utsman Adz-Dzamari Al-Yamani

download: S. Al-Baqarah (MP3)

2. Syaikh Utsman As Salimi -hafizhahullah-

download: 1 Salimi ()

download: 2 Salimi ()

download: 3 Salimi ()

3. Syaikh Abdul ‘Aziz Al Bura’i -hafizhahullah-

download: Surat Adh Dhuha ()

download: Surat Asy Syarh ()

download: Surat Al Muzammil ()

4. Syaikh Muhammad Al Imam -hafizhahullah-

download: 1. Al Imam ()

download: 3 Al Imam ()

download: Surat Al Mulk ()

5. Syaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Al Wushabi -hafizhahullah-

download: Surat Al Fatihah ()

download: Surat Al-A\’la ()

download: Surat Al Ghasyiyah ()

download: Surat Al Zalzalah ()


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